Payment Terms:

Standard terms are net 30 Days. Payment terms will be available based on the order value and the following table. Cash discount is available on split invoice payments.

Order value Terms Cash Discount
Up to $ 4,999.00 Net 30 Days 1.0% 15th Day
$ 5,000.00 to $ 9,999.00 2X2, 30/60 Days 1.0% 15th Day
$ 10,000.00 to $ 19,999.00 3X3, 30/60/90 Days 1.0% 15th Day
Minimum Order:

No minimum order size is in effect.

Freight Terms:

Products will be shipped prepaid and allowed to first destination in Canada. Erui International (Canada) Ltd., Co. reserves the right to determine routing. Any special routing or handling requested by the distributor will be at the cost to the distributor.